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LETTERS: Education Savings Accounts won't help poor families

Reading state Sen. Ben Kieckhefer's statement about the Education Savings Accounts lawsuit left me amazed ("ACLU sues to block education accounts," Friday Review-Journal). Nevada's assistant Senate majority leader said "the ACLU wants to go back to a system of hard zoning, forcing poor and minority students into chronically failing schools and furthering cycles of generational poverty."

LETTERS: Undocumented immigrant numbers woefully underestimated

I am tired of politicians, government bureaucrats and undocumented immigrant advocates (not to mention news organizations) continually stating that the number of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States is "11 million to 12 million." The Social Contract Press published a 2007 article in which the Los Angeles Times cited the number of undocumented immigrants living in the country at the time as between 8 million and 12 million.

LETTERS: McDonald the new 'Teflon Don'

Regarding John L. Smith's column, I am just curious as to whether Michael McDonald will donate his body to science to study when he dies ("McDonald's loan role looking more clear," Tuesday Review-Journal). This man's skin has to be made of Teflon.

LETTERS: Market succumbs to dumb economic policies

We are now seeing the result of socialist political policies with regard to the stock market. Between the end of last week and Monday morning, we saw a loss of almost 10 percent of the market. Yes, it is due in great part to the events in China and the Pacific Rim, but it is also due to the incredibly stupid economic policies of the United States.

LETTERS: Apologists dodge chancellor's troubling issues

Apologists Michael Yackira and Elaine Wynn shoot the messengers — reporter Bethany Barnes and the Review-Journal editorial page staff — for not fairly representing Chancellor Dan Klaich and the work he has done for the Nevada System of Higher Education ("NSHE's Klaich deserves praise for efforts," July 26 Review-Journal). But the op-ed by Mr. Yackira and Ms. Wynn didn't provide any information relevant to specific issues such as: Mr. Klaich contracting a counter report to the SRI International report; the Mario Martinez funding formula and Lincy Institute actions; alleged plagiarism of intellectual property of the Brookings Institute; the hiring of Catherine Cortez Masto in apparent violation of NSHE's Equal Employment Opportunity and affirmative action hiring policies; and the actions to secure budgetary support for the medical school in Southern Nevada.

LETTERS: NV Energy making a kilowatt killing

In an article on NV Energy and net metering, Review-Journal reporter Steve Tetreault noted that NV Energy said, "The current 11.6 cents per kilowatt hour rate paid to customers who send unused solar power to the company should be reduced to 5.5 cents as a more realistic value" ("GOP dares Hillary to talk net metering in Las Vegas," Aug. 16 Review-Journal). In no column or article have I seen anyone mention that such customers generate solar power only during daylight hours.

LETTERS: Harrah's New Orleans article blowing smoke

I was completely appalled by Howard Stutz's Aug. 12 commentary ("Smoking ban hammers Harrah's New Orleans"). The headline was completely misleading. Mr. Stutz claimed the smoking ban caused Harrah's New Orleans' gaming decline for the month of June. However, Mr. Stutz failed to mention that gaming revenue had been in decline the entire year. How could a smoke-free law that started in April cause a decline before it was implemented?

LETTERS: Now it's time to protect Gold Butte, too

In future decades and centuries, our two recently created national monuments ’€• Tule Springs Fossil Beds and Basin and Range ’€• will join Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire and Lake Mead as cherished elements within Southern Nevada's natural landscape. Such outdoor recreation opportunities attract a growing population of visitors who shun the bright lights of Las Vegas in favor of natural features.

LETTERS: Taxpayer-backed Ex-Im Bank pads profits for large corporations

Mehul R. Mehta, plant manager of the GE Engine Service facility in North Las Vegas, believes the U.S. Export-Import Bank is vital to GE and other companies and that without it, they would not be able to compete with foreign companies. He points out that 60 other countries have similar taxpayer-subsidized banks ("Nevada's congressional delegation must support Ex-Im Bank," July 30 Review-Journal).

LETTERS: Fremont Street a bad experience

On a recent Friday night visit to the Fremont Street Experience, the street was full of panhandlers and half-naked men and women. It's become a disgraceful circus atmosphere. I have lived here 38 years, and I have never seen such trash and disrespect for tourists and locals alike.

LETTERS: Save Dash Pass by charging a fee

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles' decision to stop the Dash Pass program showed the typical bureaucratic mentality of throwing the baby out with the bathwater ("DMV ends Dash Pass remote access," July 23 Review-Journal). Any business in the private sector would have looked at the problems and developed changes that addressed those problems. Leave it to a bureaucracy to come up with a solution that will simply replicate the previous problem.

LETTERS: NV Energy should benefit all users, not just stockholders

NV Energy has proposed to make 5 megawatts of solar power available to customers who want to reduce environmental pollution from coal and natural gas power plants, but who don't install panels on their homes ("Plan would let Nevadans go solar without panels," July 19 Review-Journal online). These customers would pay a rate higher than other customers currently pay for power. It is not clear, however, how NV Energy plans to assure customers that the power really comes from solar.