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Hidden airline fees: A question of government or consumers

Should the government force airlines to publicize hidden fees in their fare pricing? Or should it be the consumers’ responsibility to do their homework to find which deal is the best?

Man wielding knife closes Container Park

An altercation involving a man and a knife closed down parts of the Container Park in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon.

Vegas faith communities aim at extremists, terrorists

This weekend is the Southern Nevada Sabbath and Weekend of Conscience among various faith communities in an effort to raise awareness of radical extremist groups and terrorist organizations.

Lone banks in 2 rural Nevada towns to close

The lone banks in two small rural Nevada towns are closing, and residents and merchants wonder how they will get by without them.

Nevada’s fish weather third summer of drought

Northern Nevada’s fish were certainly affected but on the whole appear to have weathered a third summer of drought without any serious crash in population.

Las Vegas ‘tortoise gulag’ paroles last inmates

After years — perhaps a lifetime — in cushy captivity, desert tortoise No. 6349 spent his first five minutes of freedom hunched motionless under a bush in a rocky dry wash 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas.