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CERCA: December in Arizona’s Christmas City

Drawn to the colorfully lighted gazebo, two small children tore past us at full throttle and leaped up the short set of stairs. Pressing their noses against the cold outside surface of the glass, they looked as if, could they only push hard enough, they might be magically transformed to become part of the life-sized diorama scene within. Inside, time had frozen a quintessential holiday living room, complete with Santa Claus who appeared to be finishing up his delivery to this home. Taking center stage was a traditionally trimmed tree, with red and gold glass balls and ribbons with the lower limbs protectively covering festively wrapped gifts.

Nurse residency program hones skills

Out of nursing school for just a few months, 24-year-old Elizabeth Martinez already realizes how easy it would be to burn out. Or to make a mistake that can mean the difference between life and death.


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