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Hospitality school exec passionate about his career

Tim Lam had a job. Now he’s in a career he’s passionate about and gets to enjoy it with his brother, Marcus.

‘Supermoon’ returns to skies Sunday

If you’re up late Sunday evening, head outside and take a look at the moon — it may look bigger and brighter than usual.

Common Core conflicts must be addressed

Research is being ignored by the defenders of Common Core standards. Studies by neuropsychologists and neuroscientists suggest a deep-running link between handwriting and broader educational development. Yet the Common Core standards emphasize legible handwriting only in kindergarten and first grade, then emphasize keyboarding in the following years. This is in conflict with the state’s reading goals.

Funding sought for Little Leaguers’ families

Mountain Ridge advanced to the Little League World Series on Saturday night, the first Nevada team to do so in the event’s 67-year history. Now comes the hard part. Paying for it.

Vigil for man in Missouri leads to rioting

People smashed car windows and carried away armloads of looted goods from stores Sunday night after thousands of people packed a suburban St. Louis area at a vigil for an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a police officer.

How cool is a $500 car? Ask one of these Chumps

If the Indy 500 is the ultimate test of man and machine, the 13 Hours of Las Vegas for $500 race cars was the ultimate test of man, machine and a limited budget.

Republican Hardy leans left in U.S. House race

Congressional candidate Cresent Hardy said he believes young immigrants brought to the United States illegally by their parents should be allowed to stay to work, study and become U.S. citizens, while adults could seek legal status or go to the back of the line if they want to become Americans.

Nevada campaigns take control of bothersome trackers

In the race for the 3rd Congressional District in Southern Nevada, the candidates or their supporters might have found a solution to bothersome and politically dangerous trackers: tell them they can’t videotape an event because it’s private.

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