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Yoga fun for the whole family — PHOTOS

While most yoga classes feature conventional poses such as downward-facing dog or the warrior pose, Wednesday’s yoga class at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park featured a new pose called the “super mommy.”

Couture confident McGregor will not be KO’d, but will be ‘beat up’

Ex-MMA superstar and rising film thespian Randy Couture had this to say of Conor McGregor’s chances against Floyd Mayweather: “I don’t think he’ll be knocked out, but I do think he’s going to get beat up.”

COMMENTARY: The heartwarming story of Daxton Alyn Beck

I was raised to love and respect cops. To me, cops are America’s biggest heroes. They run toward the sound of gunfire. They drive toward reports of violence.

Nevada, school choice and vouchers

Continuing to mislabel Education Savings Accounts as “vouchers” likely will not be a winning strategy for Nevada’s teacher unions and their Democrat benefactors in the long run.

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