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COMMENTARY: North Vista Hospital has high standards for patient care

For the Review Journal to single out three patients and use their unsubstantiated claims as somehow illustrative of the hospital’s overall level of care distorts North Vista’s remarkable treatment record.

The evidence for Easter

If you think politicians make outlandish claims, consider what Christians celebrate at Easter. They believe a man named Jesus was brutally tortured, murdered and buried for three days before rising from the dead. Furthermore, they assert this man was also fully God and that your belief or lack of belief in him determines your eternal destiny.

COMMENTARY: Opioid abuse is harming many American children

The Trump administration is being widely criticized for its get-tough approach to the nation’s opioid crisis. Targeting negligent doctors and pharmacists, and focusing on reducing the illegal drug trade — a war that includes President Donald Trump’s call to execute convicted drug dealers — will not do much for those suffering from addiction, the critics say.

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