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CES 2019: This wand will erase your freckles and dark marks — VIDEO

Updated January 11, 2019 - 3:46 pm

A new device at CES will make your freckles disappear.

Without using makeup or laser therapy, a new product by P&G Ventures erases freckles, dark spots and scars.

On the CES show floor, a representative held the Opté Precision Skincare System over a small patch of freckles on his left arm. By slowly moving the wand back and forth, the freckles faded and then disappeared.

The device, which will be available in the U.S. later this year, combines camera optics, proprietary algorithms and printing technology to scan the skin and detect hyperpigmentation. It then applies corrective serum with precision application.

The serum is a light pigment that covers up dark spots in the short term. It contains skin-lightening properties that make marks less visible over time. It works like a real-life beauty filter. The serum covers up dark spots without covering any more of the user’s skin.

The Opté is about the size of a hand-held electric razor. It produces a blue LED light that maximizes contrast in skin melanin to detect discolored spots. Then a micro serum jet printer with 120 thermal inkjet nozzles deposits droplets of serum on skin.

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