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Proposed Uber, Lyft fees in Nevada still steep

Even though transportation regulators have proposed knocking down the cost for a transportation network company to be licensed in the state, it’s still substantially higher than anyplace Uber and Lyft operate.

County officials adopt resolution backing transportation standards

Clark County commissioners have put their support behind the widely debated concept of regulatory standards for transportation network companies, including ride-sharing companies such as San Francisco-based Uber.

Nevada official meets with Uber, but no progress reported

The head of the state’s Department of Business and Industry met Monday with representatives of Uber, but there was no indication that there is any change forthcoming that would enable the company to restart operations.

Uber begins ride-sharing service in Vegas, Reno

After months of strategizing, representatives of Uber say they will launch their controversial ride-sharing platform in Las Vegas and Reno this afternoon.

Electric car report: Nevada needs to do more

Landing the Tesla Gigafactory was a huge economic victory for Nevada by most accounts, but the state needs to do much more at the end point of production to promote electrical vehicle use, according to a report by a nonprofit group promoting energy efficiency.

Northbound I-15 reopens at fire site in California

Northbound lanes of Interstate 15 reopened Tuesday evening after a fire at a bridge construction site on closed the artery connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas.