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This week’s 5 best bets for live music in Las Vegas


“You can’t raise hell with a saint,” Dorothy Martin announces on her band’s latest record, “Rock Is Dead,” and seeing how raising hell is pretty much her reason for being, she’ll probably never qualify for canonization among clergymen. Fans of attitudinal rock ’n’ roll with a banshee on the mic and guitars that blare a tornado warning siren may think otherwise, however. See Dorothy at 8 p.m. Friday at Beauty Bar. Tickets are $12.50 in advance, $15 at the door; call 702-598-3757.

Belly and Juicy J

After teaming up on “Zanzibar,” a suitably trippy ode to gobbling Xanax bars, supremely stoned rappers Belly and Juicy J are hitting the road together, where they’ll share the stage and plenty of pills. Get your contact high at 8:30 p.m. Friday at Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq. Tickets are $30; call 702-862-2695.


Like “happy-go-lucky” and “huggable,” “majestic” is a descriptor seldom applied to death metal bands. San Francisco’s Fallujah earn said tag, though, with a more symphonic take on the genre’s trademark fast-and-guttural approach via melodic guitar leads, touches of female vocals and orchestral-sounding programming. See them at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, with Carnifex, Rings of Saturn, Lorna Shore and She Must Burn. Tickets are $18; call 702-693-5000.


A murky optimism informs “Fading Frontiers,” the dreamy-sounding latest record from Atlanta indie rockers Deerhunter, which is inspired in part by frontman Bradford Cox surviving a serious car accident. “Jack-knifed / On the side-street crossing / I’m still alive / And that’s something,” he sings on “Breaker.” He’s happy to be alive and he sounds like it: “Frontiers” is as buoyant as this bunch gets. See them at 9:30 p.m. Sunday at The Bunkhouse Saloon. Tickets are $20; call 702-982-1764.


Rapper-singer-DJ-producer Sango (Kai Asa Savon Wright) specializes in pulse-slowing, late-night jams that address fear and loneliness over reverberating beats and muted keys. This is what you put on when the party’s over. See Sango at 9 p.m. Thursday at The Bunkhouse Saloon. Tickets are $17 in advance, $20 day of show; call 702-982-1764.

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