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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham talks parenting and more

The 6-year-old we usually forget to ask about is Sophia, daughter of Farrah Abraham, star of MTV’s “Teen Mom” reality show and Vivid’s “Backdoor Teen Mom” adult film. What’s Sophia up to, lately?

I’m glad you asked, because that’s what I asked Abraham, since she will be Friday’s celebrity host at the “Ditch Friday” pool party at the Palms hotel.

Sophia likes to dance, tumble, take voice lessons, and she’s been playing piano since she was 3, in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

“She’s very social and popular at school. She kind of is, like, a popular, social, artistic person right now,” Abraham, 23, said.

That’s good. Early childhood education experts say if you get your kid to learn fields before age 6, they have a much better chance at becoming happy experts in those fields as adults.

I expressed that notion to Abraham, and she was familiar with it.

“That’s right,” she said, correctly adding it’s important to get kids at age 3 or 5 to “know words, pronouncing words to help them with their grammar and their vocabulary.”

“So we practiced a lot when she was younger, with vocabulary, and hand-and-eye coordination type of things,” she said.

What did Abraham do before age 6?

“I was more of, like, into butterflies, insects, playing out in the yard, planting flowers. I was really into plants. For my myself now, I do enjoy my garden and my yard, but I’m not out in the yard often. So who knows. I think there’s just different parts of life.”

Abraham is riding high lately, because MTV resurrected ratings and buzz for “Teen Mom OG” by having her return, because otherwise, who cares?

Recent rumors suggested Abraham could get cast on London’s “Celebrity Big Brother” reality show. Abraham has never been to England.

But she has been to Denmark to see family, “because I’m Danish, as well.” What’s Denmark like?

“When we go over there, there’s a lot of fish, and wine, and relaxation all day. I mean, I have well-to-do family, so I’ve only seen it in the eyes of them, and how they cater to me when I come over. I guess I really don’t know what real Denmark is like. My family is pretty chill over there. So we just relax, eat, spend time with family all day, go around, they show me some things, and then I come back.”

Abraham just joined Snapchat, which is known for its central role in allowing friendly strangers to send photos of their genitals to each other, and then the photos disappear after a few seconds.

“A lot of my girlfriends are on Snapchat, and they were being scandalous with what they were showing on there. I keep it pretty simple. I give updates, and share things. I don’t really understand how to receive things,” Abraham said.

So she hasn’t received any naughty photos?

“Well, I’ve received plenty of that on every other social media, so I’m happy with Snapchat, you have the option to not look, so I don’t really look,” she said.

This is a silly world, isn’t it?

“Yes, that’s the way the world is. I get blasted all the time for people thinking I’m ‘oversexual’ or ‘I’m a porn star,’ or many other things. But if we were to be real about what the world is about, yes, I mean, yes, I do receive many naked pictures of people. I hear people talking about all sorts of sexual things all the time. To which I don’t engage in. At least I’m pretty real, and public about things, and I don’t hide much. But I definitely am not sending naked photos. I don’t even send naked photos to my boyfriend, so I’m kind of limited.

“My boyfriend does not send me photos like that. He’s like, ‘I’m out here doing business. It’s me doing this, that.’ He’s super busy,” she said. “My boyfriend sends me flowers.”

As for Friday’s Palms pool party, she could use your help in deciding what to wear.

“I do like bikinis. I have a good body. I work hard at healthy, and I want to show it off,” she said. “What should I wear? Do you have any recommendations?”

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