Pet amenities to look for in Las Vegas communities

With 65 percent of households making room for a furry friend, according to a national pet owners survey, master-planned communities better doggone be sure to account for pets’ needs in the community.

When it comes to Fido, masters aren’t one to skimp. According to the American Pet Products Association, about $60.5 billion this year is expected to be spent on pets in the United States.

So loosen the leash a little bit and consider the three most important neighborhood amenities for pets.

Dog parks

When it comes to space in Clark County, even the largest yards in the best neighborhoods leave dogs panting for more space to roam.

Off-leash dog parks can provide not only the acreage to work out some energy but the opportunity to socialize dogs who typically rule the roost.

In Las Vegas, Barkin’ Basin Dog Park offers more than seven acres of space to roam.

Clark County officials offer a few words of advice before unleashing your pet into the wild of the park: familiarize yourself with the rules, consider that not all dogs like meeting other dogs, consider socialization classes early, go during off-peak times to familiarize your dog with the park, and start off with short visits so as not to overwhelm your dog.

Dog parks are expanding, the Hampton Lake master-planned community in South Carolina boasts Dogpaddle Park as a star amenity.

“From childhood through the empty-nest years, nothing beats the companionship of a dog. At Hampton Lake, we understand the special bond between people and their pets. That’s why we created a special enclosed park for you and your dog to romp, exercise, and meet the neighboring dogs. You’ll find all the things dogs love here, from sand pits to earth mounds to a grass field where they can run, run, run. You’ll find drinking water for the dogs and a special 6-foot fire hydrant with a handheld shower to cool your pet off or wash its paws,” the community website says.

Providence in Las Vegas doesn’t stop barking about their great features, either.

“Being a pet-friendly community, Providence’s Knickerbocker Park also features a dog park right in the neighborhood with both small and large dog areas — a welcome amenity that’s hard to find close to home in many other Las Vegas neighborhoods.”


But if you want your exercise, too, nothing beats an old-fashioned stroll through the neighborhood.

Roomy, interconnected sidewalks are key to comfortable walks through the neighborhood with your pup and communities that post handy doggie bags (not the kind you want to bring home and save for later) are nice perks, too.

Throughout Clark County, neighborhoods offer great trails, walks and tracks for all kinds of animals.

Pet-friendly shopping areas

If your dog is more of the “Lazy Dog” type, Downtown Summerlin offers pet-friendly shopping and dining so you can continue your stroll.

The atmosphere of the shopping center has drawn known pet-friendly establishments, like Lazy Dog, which offers a patio area for diners with two or four feet.

The shopping area offers five pet water stations and doggie bags throughout the grounds.

Nothing beats a comfortable way to stretch your — and your dog’s — legs on your own term, be it at the park, on a walk through the neighborhood or window shopping.

And don’t expect the amenities to stop there. As many newer condo and apartment complexes begin to incorporate dog grooming rooms into their clubhouses, you can expect to see master-planned communities jumping on the bandwagon.

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