Fashion 911

Nothing can ruin an otherwise perfect morning like a glaring deodorant mark. Or a chipped manicure. Throw a sweat stain into that equation and your entire week is shot.

Rather than take the risk of spoiling the next month, check out these products. Whether they provide pure convenience or a real rescue effort, each of these items manages to make your life a little easier.

Emergency: Your perfect manicure just went kaput thanks to a chipped nail.

To the rescue: Lippman Collection Stripper To Go pads, $8 for a package of six, Barneys New York

The low down: Rather than tote nail polish remover and cotton balls everywhere, these convenient plush pads don’t leave a dripping mess.

Emergency: A scuff mark threatens to steal the spotlight from the patent in your patent leather pumps.

To the rescue: Foot Petals Perfect Polish Pen available in brown and black, $12.95, Dillard’s

The low down: The touch up pen offers an instant shine, no buff necessary.


Emergency: The blouse you just bought for that big interview plunges dangerously low.

To the rescue: Miss Oops Boob Tube, $25,

The low down: These lacy bandeaus offer a quick, fashionable fix without the bulk.

Emergency: Your tallest, skinniest stilettos seemed like a good idea until you realized how much walking a night at the casino actually entails.

To the rescue: Spare Soles portable flats, $25, The Strip Store at Las Vegas Hilton or

The low down: The ballet flats fold into a compact coin purse and relieve you of unbearable foot pain.

Emergency: Your beautiful black shirt is now embellished with several lovely deodorant marks.

To the rescue: Miss Oops Rescue Sponge, $10 for a pack of two, Dreamalot Baby

The low down: These pink sponges quickly remove deodorant and/or makeup stains from clothes with a few quick swipes.

Emergency: You didn’t bother buying a T-back bra when you found your new T-back dress and exposed bra straps don’t work with this look.

To the rescue: Bra Barrette, $4.99,

The low down: This nifty clip holds together your bra straps in a time of need or works as an accessory on the outside of clothes.

Emergency: You told yourself not to wear white and the wine stain you just caused explains why you should have listened.

To the rescue: Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover, $2.99, grocery stores

The low down: Press the tip of the stick to any nongreasy stain and watch the stain remover solution make it all better.

Emergency: The chairs at the bar won’t hold your handbag and you can’t bear the thought of putting it on the sticky floor.

To the rescue: Handbag Hangers from the Steppin’ Out collection, $17.95,

The low down: Attach this embellished hook to the edge of a bar or table and hang your handbag with TLC.

Emergency: A loose hem has your pants — and your day — dragging.

To the rescue: Hollywood Fashion Tape, $6.95, Omni Chemist at Fashion Show mall

The low down: These invisible tape strips stick to your clothes and body to fix falling hems, gaping blouses and slipping straps.

Emergency: A stressful day ahead could have you rocking two dark circles under your armpits before noon.

To the rescue: Hollywood Behind the Seams, $9.95, Couture Bride

The low down: These self-adhesive disposable apparel shields protect your clothes and your pride.

Emergency: The forecast called for evening showers, but that didn’t stop you from strapping on those suede ankle boots in the morning.

To the rescue: Shuella boots, $49.95,

The low down: Galoshes for the fashionista, they protect your shoes from damage.

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