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Lisa Vanderpump shares her secrets to a beautiful life

She is the woman who famously said, “Life in Beverly Hills is a game, and I make the rules.”

Same goes for a Monday morning in her beloved 90210 when Lisa Vanderpump makes it clear that she is in charge. The reality-TV star and entrepreneur holds court looking almost royal in a lush room decorated in pinks and purples.

The grand dame of Bravo is reflective and soft-spoken as she shoots from her designer-clad hip.

Mention that Vegas — where she owns Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace and Vanderpump a Paris at Paris Las Vegas and will debut Pinky’s at the Flamingo this summer — is missing her these days, and the 63-year-old Brit replies: “Oh, darling, you know I’m missing Vegas. I’ve been so busy. I have an opening in Lake Tahoe next week, and I’ve been on a plane 22 hours in the last three days.”

The chestnut hair is flawless, her eyes close-up ready with just the right hint of dark liner. How does she look so Vander-perfect? “I think it’s called a ring light and good makeup,” she chuckles.

Pleasing the boss is the quest for young staff members on her new reality series, “Vanderpump Villa,” premiering April 1 on Hulu.

It’s set at a French chateau, where the crew strives to provide five-star, Vanderpump-curated experiences for guests while dealing with romance, rivalries and a boss who also is the series’ executive producer.

Next week: It’s off to Lake Tahoe to open another new restaurant, Wolf by Vanderpump. She spends most of her downtime in Beverly Hills with her husband, Ken Todd, grandson Teddy and many pampered rescue dogs.

Vanderpump’s good life tips:

Make light of aging

“I think it’s really important to just embrace your age at every age,” she shares. “I’m proud that I don’t struggle every morning to look 30. I want to look my best at this age for this day. … Of course, things are lower than they once were, but as long as you feel good then you’re very fortunate.”

Make it beautiful

LVP advises that anyone can live a rich life in a gorgeous setting: “Take a moment to be somewhere beautiful whenever you can in life.” She says to also make your nest gorgeous. “I don’t care if it’s 50 square feet,” she says. “Make it somewhere you want to be. Put your energy into making your home space into a sanctuary. … The world is a busy place. You need somewhere beautiful to center yourself. I love a good aesthetic.”

Spread the wisdom

Her new reality series features LVP as the boss of young Gen Zers who work for her empire. What does she know now that she didn’t at their age? “When you’re 20, you spend so much time wondering if you’re doing the right thing. It can actually negate your choices,” she says. “I wish I never doubted myself, because life is too short. You realize later on that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out. If you go forward in life with enthusiasm then you’re ahead of the game. … So stop questioning yourself. … And don’t be afraid of failure. You can learn from failure.”

Marry wisely

Vanderpump has been wed to businessman Ken Todd for 41 years. “I married someone 16 years older, and I’m still married all these years later.” The secret? “I got married to someone who always believes in me more than I believed in myself,” she says. “If you have that kind of support in life, you can accomplish great things. Even now, I’ll say, ‘Oh, I can’t do that.’ Ken will always say, ‘Of course, you can do it.’ ”

Don’t deprive yourself

“I’m not one of those women who says, ‘I’ll have a carrot or the veggie plate.’ I really do eat,” Vanderpump says. “I sample my own food at my restaurants. I’ll have that glass of wine or even two glasses on some nights. … And one of my secrets is to cut out the carbs at night and, honestly, never drink too much. The goal is to keep your weight stable, so it doesn’t go all over the place.”

Work it out

“I think the key over 40 is exercise regularly,” she says. “You need to step it up with exercise at that age. If you don’t like the gym, you can get it all done at home. I do treadmill, situps and weights. It just takes discipline to do it. If you multitask while exercising, it goes so much faster.”

Being grand

“Becoming a grandmother is the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Vanderpump, whose daughter Pandora has a 2½-year-old, Teddy, with husband Jason. “I loved being a mother,” she adds. “But having this little prince is everything to me. He even came to the south of France while we filmed ‘Vanderpump Villa’ because I couldn’t be away from him for so long.”

Lighten up

“I really don’t care what others think of me. I only care what my husband and children think,” Vanderpump says. “You’re not going to please everybody, but if you please those you love, it’s a beautiful life. … My mantra is love and laughter supersede all.”

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