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What school district trustees hope to see in a plan to reopen schools

Updated October 23, 2020 - 10:51 pm

Here’s what Clark County School District trustees on Thursday asked to see when a plan to transition the district’s schools to in-person instruction comes before the board on Nov. 12.

Trustee Lola Brooks, board president

“If we’re going to have kids in person at all, some things I would like you to consider is that you should prioritize smaller groups. You should prioritize kids who have the highest needs and are the youngest and least successful in this current environment. I would like to see a plan to leverage partnerships to maximize the number of people who receive flu shots… We need to limit interactions between students, as well as adults, between different groups of students…”

“For us to be successful, you’re going to need to resolve the distance education issues … If you want to encourage people to stay in distance education, you’re going to need to fix some things before the next semester.”

Trustee Linda Cavazos, vice president

“Could we find out what office staff is going to be asked to do? … Will all PPE be provided from the district, and will special needs teachers have anything additional?”

“Do we have another testing program — if TIES doesn’t work out — that will be available?”

“I would like to get some feedback … about reopening schools under these really high numbers.”

Trustee Danielle Ford, clerk

“I think we just need to commit to distance learning 100 percent full-time and really support people with mental health or we do a mixture and start bringing people back into the buildings really small, really safe, under the principals’ direction.”

Trustee Deanna Wright

“Are teachers going to be wiping off handles and things in the classrooms? What is the cleaning each night going to look like versus the deep clean? What are we providing for cleaning for teachers, is it going to be wipe wipes, is going to be a spray and paper towels? I want to know how kids will be coming and going out of buildings.”

“To make the decision we have to make of putting people back in these closed environments together, we need to have some detailed information on what is going to be happening.”

Trustee Linda Young

“It’s important that teachers, support staff and administrators who feel that their health may be an issue … be offered a welcome choice … to work from their home or tele-work in a safe environment of their choosing.”

Trustee Irene Cepeda

“I think it’s really important to have some sort of dashboard that will have consistently updated numbers.”

Trustee Chris Garvey was not present at the Oct. 22 board meeting.

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