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Mystic Fair in Las Vegas a lesson on chakras, meditation

For the family of Jack Zunino, who is battling cancer, the first-ever Mystic Fair at Windmill Library offered an opportunity to explore alternative approaches to healing and managing stress.

The Zuninos, who live in southwest Las Vegas, were among more than 200 people who turned out recently for the gathering. It showcased the psychic arts community and featured workshops in intuition meditation and chakra balancing, along with small-business vendors and crafts for children.

Zunino, founder and president of JW Zunino Landscape Architecture, was diagnosed with leukemia in February and is undergoing immunotherapy treatment, according to his wife, Roxann. This is her husband’s second bout with cancer, and he is undergoing reiki, or energy, treatments and meditating, she said.

Roxann Zunino said the couple learned of the Mystic Fair when their 29-year-old son Zachary returned a video to the library.

“I am kind of skeptical about it,” said Zachary Zunino, who had a mini reading at the event. “Maybe I am not open enough to it to benefit, but I find it fascinating.”

The family attended the chakra cleansing and meditation workshop led by spiritual healer Letty Snyder, who guided 30 people on a quiet journey aimed at self-healing.

A life coach, an inspirational speaker and a spiritual healer for 10 years, Snyder said the biggest complaint she encounters is that people can’t clear their minds.

“Meditation helps you have clarity,” she said.

In addition to Snyder, Dallisa Hocking, chief executive officer of Spirit & Spark, was on hand with a team of psychics who did free mini readings. The company opened in March 2018 and has 15 employees, including psychics, mediums, spiritual coaches and energy workers.

Hocking, whose career as a spiritual coach and psychic medium includes working on cold cases, said she appreciated the Mystic Fair for providing a chance to connect with the community and meet new people.

Guests were lined up to meet Hocking and her team, including Judy MacMillan, who said she enjoys Tarot card readings.

“The cards sometimes, depending on who you get to read the cards, can give you insight on things you are having questions about,” MacMillan said. “It’s another aspect of your spiritual being, and I always considered it a fun addition to life.”

Tomasz Maka, a taxi driver, was also in line for a reading.

“I figured I could get some advice for decisions in my life and see which way to go,” said Maka, who has been in Las Vegas for 14 years.

New to Las Vegas is small business Third Eye Gifts, which showcased a table full of hand-crafted beaded bugs and critters, wire-wrapped jewelry with sterling silver necklaces, ritual oils and more.

Edrea Sullenger, whose husband owns the business, said they moved to Las Vegas from Morton, Washington, six months ago.

The spiritual community is large in Las Vegas, Sullenger said.

“I can tell because people talk about it,” said Sullenger, whose shop carries magic kits for banishing negativity. “It’s more accepted here than where we came from. People are more open-minded here, too.”

Hocking, a former casino executive, said she has seen indications that the local spiritual arts community is growing.

“Every six months I get a notification that someone is opening a spiritual center,” said Hocking, who stresses the importance of checking out the credentials of any spiritual arts practitioner. “There is a huge awakening going on with people right now. Maybe more people are asking about their life.”

Theron Nissen, branch manager at Windmill Library, said the psychic arts are popular among all age groups, with a waiting list for many books about the topic.

“I am very thrilled with the turnout,” Nissen said. “I think we’ll definitely keep it going again next year and hopefully expand it with more hands-on programs or more talks.”

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