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Can anybody around here score against Bishop Gorman?

Updated October 20, 2021 - 3:59 pm

Back when this team called the Colts were coached by that Mora guy, he used to make fun of sports writers for talking about playoffs. And then later on they made a beer commercial about it.

This is the last week of the regular high school football season, so people around here are talking about playoffs like that Mora guy.

But I don’t think they will make a beer commercial about it on account of the high school rules.

Bishop Gorman at Foothill

According to USA Today, which is this newspaper they sometimes put in front of your door when you are staying at a nice hotel, Bishop Gorman is ranked No. 18 in the entire nation. Are there 17 teams that are better than Bishop Gorman? Probably not. Foothill is a pretty good team for around here, and maybe this is the week somebody around here finally scores a touchdown against Bishop Gorman. But this isn’t the week somebody from around here beats Bishop Gorman. Bishop Gorman by 28.

Canyon Springs at Arbor View

Arbor View’s only losses so far this season were to Bishop Gorman and Liberty, which is like having an undefeated season. Canyon Springs also lost to Bishop Gorman and Liberty. And to Green Valley, Legacy and Foothill, which is like having a 2-5 season. Which is exactly the kind of season Canyon Springs is having. Arbor View by 14.

Legacy at Palo Verde

If high school football was like pro football, this game would sort of be like when the Lions play the Jets, or somebody like that. They would be playing for this thing called pride and draft picks or whatever. These two teams will have to settle for playing for pride, because they don’t have draft picks in high school football as far as I know. Palo Verde by 3.

Liberty at Desert Pines

Last week Liberty was supposed to play this team called Bishop Sycamore, which at the start of the season everybody thought was really good. But when Bishop Sycamore played on TV, everybody could see they were more bogus than Ridgemont High, which is another high school that doesn’t really exist. But this dude Max Preps put up on the Internet site that Liberty lost to Bishop Sycamore 48-28 last week even though Liberty was idle. That was even more bogus than Mr. Hand’s history class at Ridgemont High. Liberty by 14.

Faith Lutheran at Green Valley

If Green Valley had not lost to Palo Verde by one point back when the weather was hot, Green Valley would be having a great season. But at 6-2, Green Valley is still having a real good season. At 2-5, Faith Lutheran is having what real sports writers call a disappointing season. So maybe Faith Lutheran should get one of those big slot machines and pull the handle when they score a touchdown to keep people from noticing they are having a disappointing season. Green Valley by 14.

Season predictions: 28-10

Against the spread: 23-15

Fielder is a Review-Journal correspondent during the high school sports season when he isn’t slacking off. He currently cannot be reached because his cell phone fell out of his pocket while he was skateboarding and the screen broke.

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