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‘Pass the torch’: Entrepreneur presents himself as alternative to Biden

Entrepreneur and tech investor Jason Palmer is positioning himself as an alternative to President Joe Biden in Nevada’s upcoming presidential primary and is using his bid to encourage the sitting president to make way for someone new.

Palmer, who has served in leadership positions at multiple organizations, including Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is on the ballot for the Feb. 6 primary alongside Biden, author Marianne Williamson and others.

The lesser-known candidate knows his likelihood of defeating an incumbent president is small, but his goal is to achieve 10 percent of the primary votes, he said. His objective is to encourage Biden to step aside so others can be the Democratic candidate in the fall.

Palmer acknowledges Biden has accomplished a lot as a public servant for 50 years. He has also managed to get a lot of legislation passed as president that he does not get enough credit for, Palmer said.

“However, it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans,” he said. “I really wish he would be like George Washington and say, ‘I’ve been a transitional figure. I’ve done my four years. Now I pass the torch.’”

Palmer prioritizes growing the middle class and promoting the idea of “conscious capitalism,” an economic philosophy that believes businesses should serve a higher purpose than simply making a profit. He also wants to expand “upskilling” and other training programs that allow workers to gain more skills.

He also wants to see the government expand with technology by creating a department of innovation and technology at the cabinet level. It would focus on a variety of topics, such as child safety and privacy.

“There should actually be a government agency that has enough funding to move quickly, to move at technology’s speed,” Palmer said.

In addition to having a technological background, which he thinks is important for a president, Palmer differs from Biden with his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Palmer has supported calls for a ceasefire since November, he said.

If elected, Palmer would also prioritize education, pushing to increase teachers’ salaries, and he would also work to upgrade union laws.

“Conscious capitalism is about helping the people that built those businesses get their fair share, and we need to upgrade our union laws to do a better job on workers rights, schedules, benefits, pay,” he said.

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