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COMMENTARY: The radical agenda of Nevada Senate Democrats led to current recall effort

Do you believe convicted felons, such as O.J. Simpson, should be permitted to vote from prison? Senate Democratic Leader Aaron Ford does.

Would you like your property taxes to increase dramatically, potentially costing you thousands of dollars extra per year? Every Senate Democrat voted to open the door to that reality just a few months ago.

Do you think it’s acceptable to let politicians handcuff local law enforcement from cooperating with Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other federal agencies by turning Nevada into a sanctuary state? Democratic state Sen. Joyce Woodhouse co-sponsored legislation to do just that.

Do you agree that a violent criminal should be able to sue you if you use justifiable force in protecting yourself? Democratic state Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro thinks it’s just fine to let the violent criminal sue.

If a politician campaigns and gets elected as a Republican, and that same politician decides for personal gain to switch parties, should the voters who were misled be given a chance to have their voices heard on the matter? Well, that politician is state Sen. Patricia Farley, and there is citizen-led effort to hold special elections to recall Sens. Farley, Cannizzaro and Woodhouse.

I support these recalls, and I hope you will, too.

After witnessing the most pro-felon, anti-jobs agenda in state history pushed by Senate Democrats, I believe all 11 current members of the Senate Democratic Caucus should be forced to stand for recall elections.

By the way, there were 12 members until Democratic state Sen. Mark Manendo was forced to resign under a cloud of sexual harassment complaints. The resignation occurred only this past summer after female Senate Republicans and others called out Democratic leadership for years of ignoring this alleged predatory behavior and only after Ford no longer needed Manendo’s vote to pass his radical agenda. Unfortunately, the public will never know the true extent of this behavior, because Ford will not allow the investigative report to be released, despite the fact it was paid for with taxpayer funds.

Yes, this shameful behavior by politicians in Carson City must stop. The good news is the Nevada Constitution provides voters with the means to have their voices and their votes heard. That’s why I support the recalls, and I hope you will, too.

Michael Roberson, a Republican from Henderson, is minority leader of the Nevada Senate.

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