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LETTERS: Bishop Gorman’s presence boosts other teams

To the editor:

Regarding A.J. Pogonowski’s letter, it amazes me how often people want to judge Bishop Gorman High School’s football team not as a local program but a national one (“Bishop Gorman football,” Wednesday Review-Journal).

I coach baseball during the summer and fall at Centennial High School. And we love the challenge of playing against the best teams in Nevada or anywhere we travel. Our players rise to the occasion and play a higher level of baseball. I contend that this is the case for any team whose coach recognizes the challenge, regardless of the sport.

Bishop Gorman has dominated football, basketball and baseball in recent years. It was actually the baseball program that got things rolling for the Gaels. Regardless, Gorman offers a tremendous value to local teams based on all the national scouts from all the major colleges who come to town and recruit players. When another school plays against the Gaels and shines, it immediately puts that school on the map.

Bishop Gorman’s football success is a tribute to excellence from the athletes and, more important, the coaching staff. Tony Sanchez is an excellent coach who took a team that was far from his best and led them to yet another undefeated season against local competition. Plain and simple, coaching is the key.

The real solution for Gorman’s opponents is players rising above the supposed adversity and competing. Developing a team, creating pride and striving for excellence are what we need to do, not cry foul because one team is stronger than another.

In the 2012 college football season, Auburn lost to archrival Alabama, 49-0. Just two weeks ago, Auburn did the unthinkable by beating Alabama, the No. 1 team in the country, 34-28, then went on to win the SEC championship game 59-42 over Missouri.

Neither Auburn nor Missouri were given much of a shot to be in that game. Yet those teams did what they needed to do. It reminds me of another story, about David and Goliath.



Sports socialism

To the editor:

A.J. Pogonowski, in a Wednesday letter, wrote of wanting parity in high school football. The writer believes Bishop Gorman, perennially a nationally ranked team, should only play other nationally ranked teams. Why? Those other nationally ranked teams play cupcakes, too. Why can’t Bishop Gorman aspire to greatness? Do we now want sports socialism, in which we are all mediocre? Go Gaels.



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