LETTERS: Simple ways to turn lawbreakers into law-abiding citizens

To the editor:

As a 54-year Las Vegas resident, I have seen many changes and have made a few observations that could perhaps help to reduce the crime rate in our valley.

First, place small signs on all stop signs reading, “Bicycles Exempt.” The bicyclists all run the stop signs anyway. Second, repeal the hands-on cellphone driving law. More people are playing with their phones than driving anyway. Third, change traffic signal laws to include up to five left-turn red-light runners, and two oncoming red-light runners — both are an apparent right of passage for Las Vegas drivers.

Next, we could allow motorcyclists unlimited speed, wheelies and unsafe lane changes, thereby allowing them the continued right of slamming into inanimate objects. Finally, remove all designated crosswalks and instead permit citizens to cross anytime, anyplace they wish, at their own risk. (I love the ones that dart out in traffic at the bus stops.)

Just these simple suggestions would cut crime in Las Vegas tremendously and make otherwise sane and rational people who break these laws en masse once again responsible, law-abiding citizens.



Mentally ill and guns

To the editor:

In response to James A. Geffert’s letter (“Elected officials must stand against guns,” July 3 Review-Journal), elected officials know that the vast majority of gun owners in the United States are law-abiding citizens who have such firearms for their own and their family’s protection.

Elected officials also know that a very small element of our population includes criminals, the mentally ill or extremists. It is those types of people who need to be policed so that all firearms are kept from their possession. Yes, there are laws in place, such as background checks, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. But practically speaking, nobody, nor any law, can prevent some firearms from illegally falling into criminal hands.

Mr. Geffert, although criminals are part of the problem, we as a nation have not stepped up to the plate in resolving the major cause of the gun tragedy — the mentally ill and their access to firearms. We have either failed to recognize obvious signs that some people with mental disorders have a propensity to kill, or we find it politically incorrect or fear retribution if we make authorities aware of these dangerous people.

I believe the fault lies with medical professionals and family and friends of such mentally sick people who exhibit the propensity to kill, and not with Mr. and Mrs. Citizen who have no familiarity with mentally sick people.

Legislation needs to be enacted to make it a crime not to come forward when one has information regarding any person who speaks of taking the life of another.



Hobby Lobby ruling

To the editor:

Any woman who would set foot in a Hobby Lobby and buy anything from this company must not have any pride in herself. Birth control is not abortion. It is a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. Not the Supreme Court nor Hobby Lobby.

Women should take a page from civil rights activists who shut down the buses by not using them when they were discriminated against.

I noticed Hobby Lobby will still cover Viagra. Discrimination?



Solar power surcharge

To the editor:

Richard Rychtarik’s letter in response to NV Energy considering a surcharge to customers with solar power systems was so ridiculous, I had to respond myself (“Equitable cost sharing,” June 28 Review-Journal).

Yes, people who spend their own money ($15,000 to $50,000 or more) to install solar power systems receive a one-time tax credit. However, they are going green to help save our earth’s resources, cut pollution, save money and have excess power for use by the power companies. It’s just like those who buy hybrid vehicles — they get a one-time tax credit, while cutting pollution and saving money on gasoline. And businesses, which get a one-time tax credit for going green. There are several more examples, but you get the picture, I hope.

Those utilizing green energy help our country by lowering energy usage and pollution, as the EPA and environmentalists have been recommending to us for a long time. Now that people have been willing to spend their own money to go green, the power companies and the government have been losing a little money. So, in their crazed, greedy, illogical minds, they think they should raise power rates, gasoline taxes, etc., to make up for losses incurred because we greenies are doing what they ask. What’s with that? You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Why can’t the power companies shave off a smidgen of their billions in annual profits? And why can’t the government consume a little less of our resources and money by not giving out earned income credits of $5,0000 to $10,000 to millions of people every year, for having babies they can’t afford, or for not getting married, or through fraud? Or giving borrowed money to foreign countries who don’t have our best interests in mind? Or giving free shelter, food, health care, and schooling to hundreds of thousands who have committed a crime by illegally crossing our borders?

I could continue in this vein of thought for a very long time, but I know you get this picture.