California officials must care more about illegal immigrants than they do actual citizens

I don’t understand how California officials can be so protective of illegal — and often criminal — immigrants. The definition of “illegal” is “contrary to or forbidden by law.” A “criminal” is a person who has “committed a crime.” Illegal immigrants have either entered this country without an entry or immigrant visa, or they have overstayed their time allowed as a visitor, tourist or businessman. They have committed a crime by doing so.

And let’s not forget that many of these individuals also go on to commit numerous additional crimes.

So whom is California protecting? If a U.S. citizen in California commits a crime, I have no doubt that individual will be prosecuted in California to the fullest extent of the law. But if an illegal immigrant commits a crime — which he has already done by entering the country illegally — he is protected by California’s sanctuary cities and warned by state or local public officials of impending arrest.

This same policy applies to those who have also committed felonies such as murder, rape and drug offenses.

The only conclusion a normal person can come to is that California officials care more about their illegal immigrant population than they do about the honest, law-abiding residents of their state. One can clearly see whom those running California hope to protect — and it is not those who obey our laws.

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