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Cecelia Gomez brought her predicament upon herself

In response to your stories early this month about Cecelia Gomez and her experience with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Most Americans are not anti-immigrant, We are all here that to immigration — an immigrant followed the rules, applied and came here legally. Illegals, however, just think they don’t have to follow any rules or obey the law.

Ms. Gomez portrayed herself as a victim. But if she had followed the rules and did things legally, she would not have been involved with a phony notary.

Illegals, except for victims of human traffickers, need to return home and apply to enter the United States as legal immigrants. It is the right thing to do, and the honest thing to do.

As a nation of laws, we cannot put some people in jail for breaking the law and give others a reward.

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