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County commissioner has head in the sand regarding illegal immigration

In response to the Feb. 14 story “Metro stops detaining some offenders for ICE”:

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom says it’s wrong to ask someone if they’re an American citizen. But at some point, we’re going to have to stop conflating charity and goodwill with pure stupidity.

I know people in this country would like to help everyone, but it’s not possible. We already have, by some estimates, more than 20 million undocumented folks in our country right now. We don’t even know who these people are. It’s past time to stop immigration entirely until we can take stock of the situation. Economically, the left will tell you immigrants are a net gain for our economy. I think with what we spend on social services, medical care and schooling for illegal immigrants, I find this hard to believe.

The national debt just passed $22 trillion. The interest on this debt alone is in the billions of dollars every year. When this economy crashes, we won’t have enough money to take care of American citizens let alone millions of people who should never have been here in the first place.

So when Mr. Segerblom says it’s wrong to ask people if they are American citizens, it tells me he’s forgotten who he’s primarily supposed to be working for. Unless, of course, the majority of the people who voted for him are undocumented or are here illegally. Politicos will apologize every once in awhile, but they rarely say they are wrong. With the Segerblom family’s long history of political service, he should know better.

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