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Democrats line up to rail against Brett Kavanaugh

Now that President Donald Trump has nominated federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, the Democratic (socialist) hierarchy is already pledging to vehemently oppose his confirmation even before his Senate hearing.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has pretty well summed up their obstructionist view by effectively saying that even if Judge Kavanaugh’s stated positions aren’t controversial during the hearings, he will probably change his mind after he is confirmed. So why waste time and money listening to the radical left grandstand during the hearings when there is nothing that can be said to get them to approve of Judge Kavanaugh?

Apparently, the only thing that would appease Sen. Schumer and his gang would be to appoint a radical leftist judge who, of course, would be perfectly neutral in his or her views.

To quote a recent statesman adored by the left (Barack Obama), “Elections have consequences, and we won.” Hillary Clinton lost. One more time: Hillary lost. She will never be president no matter how many times liberals click their heels together. Just get over it and breathe.

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