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Don’t go soft-hearted on illegals crossing our southern border

I must disagree with the Wednesday wire-service article “Pentagon clears hurdles for housing immigrants.” This may seem cruel, but if they cross the U.S. border illegally — whether it be children or adults — send their “you know whats” back. Do not give them free housing to entice more to come.

As to housing them on U.S. military property, I believe those areas and the money to be spent doing it should be used for homeless American citizens. There are military veterans, homeless or otherwise, who are more deserving than some criminals. Yes, a child or adult crossing our borders illegally is a criminal. You can get soft hearted all you want, but it’s the law.

Let’s not get in the habit of babying these people. There are only two options: Put them in jail or send them immediately back across the border.

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