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Events have brought country together since Charlottesville

I have, like so many other people, watched on television as thugs have tried to tear our country apart. But I took notice beginning on Aug. 21 when I saw hundreds of thousands of Americans looking up toward the sun to see a spectacular eclipse. People were laughing and having an amazing time seeing something from nature that appears only rarely across the United States. Everyone seemed to have a great time and no one seemed to care about anyone’s color, race, creed or religion. Wow, what a change.

Then came Hurricane Harvey, and I was thrilled to see that Americans still knew how to stand together, help one another and rise to the occasion in a momentous way. Again, no one helping out seemed to care whom they were helping, what color they were, what race they were, what religion they were or any of the other choices that say bad things about our people. We watched as Texans stood tall and strong for everyone who was in need. People from all over the nation have donated money, food, clothes and everything else that they believe would help. Texans do not think of themselves as victims, but as friends and family and proud to be Texans and Americans.

The United States now may feel the anguish of another hurricane in Florida and maybe more of the Southeast coast. We will again see Americans working together and helping each other. This is who we are and what we do. This is why those of us who care for the United States are proud to say that we are Americans. God bless America!

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