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Government shouldn’t pick sides in baker-cake dispute

Michael Pennock’s Friday letter comparing racial and religious discrimination was misleading at best.

First, the Colorado baker had served the gay couple in question many times in the past. He refused them only because their request to his artistic abilities — which he considered a gift from God — would compromise his beliefs. He offered one of his standard cakes. When that wasn’t satisfactory, he recommended several other excellent bakers he knew who would be happy to fulfill their needs.

Would anyone have a problem with … say … a Jewish baker refusing to bake a special cake with swastikas on it for a big celebration?

I personally feel any discrimination is wrong. But honest religious beliefs should be respected if the beliefs don’t do any direct harm. If a large enough portion of the population believe the baker is in the wrong, his business will suffer

When the government picks sides, unintended consequences usually occur that reverberate for years, making more people unhappy.

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