Hillary Clinton still can’t figure it out

Hillary Clinton believes she lost the election because of FBI Director James Comey and Wiki-leaks.


If Mrs. Clinton had not recklessly put a server in her basement jeopardizing the national security, Mr. Comey would have had nothing to investigate to begin with. As for WikiLeaks. If John Podesta had not made the statements he did regarding the campaign, again, there would be nothing to have been leaked. The fault lies with Mrs. Clinton and her campaign and nowhere else.

If you want to play the name game, how about this? Maybe the Billy Bush tape regarding Donald Trump’s inappropriate actions toward women was not released. Maybe Mr. Trump would have then picked up enough votes to win the popular majority as well as the Electoral College.

It’s called an election. Things happen during the course of campaign that sway voters in one direction or the other.

You lost, Mrs. Clinton. You were a bad candidate and ran a bad campaign. That’s why you lost. Your loss was not the doing of Mr. Comey or WikiLeaks. The fault lies with you, and you alone.

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