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LETTER: A path for Nevada’s economic diversification

I noted with interest your Monday editorial about the failure of economic diversification in Nevada related to the coronavirus and the huge tax expenditures the state made to get businesses to locate in Nevada. There is, however, a huge opportunity in the area of clean energy.

Many experts believe that nuclear energy is a must to meet clean and carbon-free energy goals. For the asking, Nevada can become the leader in that industry through an agreement to recycle used nuclear fuel for the country.

The business case is easily $5 billion per year within five years and upward of $10 billion within 10 years. The seed money for this will come from the $40 billion nuclear waste fund, with no Nevada tax incentives needed. Again, all for the asking. If Nevada is disadvantaged because it lacks a diversity of high-tech business, state officials may want to start making an issue of this.

The nuclear industry has the best industrial safety record of all energy-producing businesses. It reaps huge profits, is virus- and recession-proof and entails lots of high-paying jobs. What is not to like? Still, Nevada is fighting this prosperity. Please, someone let me know what’s wrong with this picture.

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