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LETTER: A solution to slow police response times

With the recent left-wing trend for defunding the police, the average response time for 911 calls in major Democratic-controlled cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, is 8 minutes, 48 seconds. This is an eternity if you’re the victim of a violent crime. As one prominent police chief said, “Unless you can protect yourself, the understaffed police will likely arrive in time to fill out the paperwork.”

By the same measure, the average Uber/Lyft booking to arrival time is 2 minutes, 26 seconds. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed the legality of carrying a concealed weapon, I propose that the Biden administration divert the millions of taxpayer dollars it will likely spend fighting that decision into a program arming and training Uber/Lyft drivers to protect callers in peril. So if you’re pretty sure you can’t wait for the police and your own handgun is not readily available, you can call Uber. Tipping, of course, would be optional.

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LETTER: No conspiracy involving Hunter’s laptop

The R-J should acknowledge that Mr. Trump’s lies, frauds, defamations, criminal indictments and convictions are exponentially worse than Hunter’s laptop being evidence or any of the other alleged Biden missteps.

LETTER: Trump tries to win Nevada

Mr. Trump advocating for tax-free tip income is definitely one approach to winning Nevada. But my tip to Mr. Trump is to pick Marco Rubio and show the diversity of the GOP.

LETTER: Red Rock development ‘compromise’ is depressing

Red Rock Canyon is a fragile natural wonder. To claim that 3,500 homes and the traffic that goes with them, and changing the nature of the watershed, will not negatively impact the area is absurd.

LETTER: Russian warships off the Florida coast

It’s strange that the mainstream media are treating Russian combat ships miles off the Florida coast as nothing to see here.

LETTER: Columnist gaslights about Donald Trump

Mr. Trump would have not won if his affair with Stormy Daniels had been made public after the “Access Hollywood” tapes in which Mr. Trump brags that he grabs women by the genitals.

LETTER: A balanced approach on the energy transition

We will never be free of fossil fuels. A balanced approach is needed. Politically doctrinaire positions on both sides won’t help us resolve the current problems.