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LETTER: America’s woeful lack of continuity helps our enemies

The world is not a level playing field. I love my country and the freedoms that we enjoy. But we and other democracies are at a decided disadvantage: our lack of continuity.

Look at the countries we consider to be our adversaries: Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. Their policies (mostly driven by their hatred of America) do not change every four to eight years. Even when they change leadership, their policies do not change.

Not so with us. When Donald Trump assumed the presidency, he did away with or reversed almost every policy of his predecessor. Now with the election of Joe Biden, most of Mr. Trump’s policies will be reversed, whether it is immigration and the wall, the Keystone pipeline and oil independence, climate change and environment issues, domestic and foreign policies, taxes, capital punishment … and the list goes on.

It is an easy prediction to make that when the Republicans regain control, everything once again will be turned on its head. And the vicious circle continues. Meanwhile, our adversaries gleefully watch as we accomplish very little as we fight among ourselves and forget who the real enemy is.

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