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LETTER: Biden and son continue to dodge important questions

In answer to Hank Schmidt’s Friday letter “Righty conspiracy” about Hunter Biden’s emails:

First, Mr. Schmidt is correct that the article published in the New York Post has not been verified. The only way to verify allegations is to investigate them. But the far left media, which is everybody except for Fox, One America News and possibly a few more, don’t want to investigate because they hate President Donald Trump and they want to protect Joe Biden.

I really don’t care what Rudy Giuliani has to say. The FBI has been in possession of the computer since December 2019, apparently. Who knows what they’re doing with it. But I can assure you if there’s something incriminating on it they weren’t about to release any of it before the election. The FBI has become a tool of the left, and I personally have little respect for them.

Mr. Schmidt asks a lot questions in his letter. I have questions, too. But Mr. Biden won’t answer them because he can’t. All he’s said is, “It’s a smear.” But never a denial. Why is that? He gets angry when anyone brings it up. Sure looks guilty to me.

And really, where is Hunter? He could put to rest a lot of the accusations. But he is nowhere to be found. How convenient.

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