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LETTER: Biden’s bungles student loans, the border

When Joe Biden took office, he reopened our southern border. Recently, when there was a cry to close the border, he said only Congress can do it. Mr. Biden also wanted to forgive student loans. The Supreme Court said he cannot do that. But he still wants to forgive the loans. Mr. Biden is going to go against the Supreme Court?

These two situations show that Mr. Biden sits on the fence and goes whichever way will benefit him at the moment. Mr. Biden opened the border. He can close the border. If he does not have the authority to close the border, then he did not have the authority to implement his first action, that of opening the border.

As for the student loans, those who took out the loans knew what was involved — they were to be repaid. Why should another group be singled out to receive special benefits? We need to get back to taking responsibility for what we signed up for.

Speaking as an immigrant whose family did it the right and hard way, I know that nothing was given to us and barriers were placed in front of us.

That was the immigration policy at that time, and we were glad and happy to be given the opportunity to become citizens of the United States.

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