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LETTER: Business as usual at the Clark County School District

Another school year comes to a close for the Clark County School District. What is sure to be another round of dismal test scores will be reported for the 2023-24 school year. I have now been retired from the district for two years. I still have many colleagues actively working, or at least trying to under the strained conditions that make accountability so impossible.

The district apparently has a new motto for students: “You do not have to try. You do not have to do your work. Heck, you do not even have to come to class. But you will still pass.”

Think I am joking? Most teachers will tell you that truancy is a huge problem. However, when students come to class after being gone, it is to socialize not to learn. They know they will be afforded that 50 percent on assignments they do not even attempt. If they miss a test because they are wandering the hall or decided to sleep in, they can inconvenience the teacher and retake it as many times as they want. Most of the times however, the student has done nothing to prepare for the exam.

Math teachers are perplexed at how they are to instruct, practice and remediate in a shortened time period now that there can be no weight put on homework. Geniuses are in charge of the district who are placing the bar so low. Yet parents still argue with teachers, urging them to lower standards further.

I taught in many low-income schools. When doing work was required to receive a grade, students did work. Assignments were taken at the end of the period and graded. When you took a test, you studied or faced the consequences. Classwork helped boost grades, so it paid to show up to school and engage in your work.

Dumbing down the standards and other changes were clearly imposed by a group of clowns, because it has turned our district into a circus without a ringmaster.

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