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LETTER: Business owners should stand up to Gov. Steve Sisolak’s edicts

A bar owner in New York stood up and got arrested for wanting to survive. Here in Nevada, the owners of every single bar, casino, gym, beauty shop, barbershop, restaurant and every other business should do the same. This pandemic is killing businesses and taking away jobs people need to work so they can pay their bills.

People who are susceptible to the virus because of conditions they have should stay home. The rest of the people can take their chances. At least 98 percent will survive, but businesses and jobs will not. Stand up to Gov. Steve Sisolak and make Nevada great again.

I am 72, and I have been out every single day since June 4 at my favorite casino. I am not sick, but I do everything they say to do. I do wear a mask, I use sanitizer, I wash my hands at least 20 seconds and I stay away from people who smoke. I do believe casinos should ban smoking until the pandemic is over.

Gov. Sisolak should open up Nevada and protect the vulnerable. He should save Nevada or be recalled.

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