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LETTER: Chuck Schumer has his say

Debra J. Saunders, in her March 19 column, is highly critical of Beltway Democrats for being “squishy” on Israel. Specifically, she singles out Sen. Chuck Schumer’s speech in which he opined that Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu “has lost his way” by putting his political survival ahead of Israel’s national interests. Ms. Saunders equates being highly critical of Mr. Netanyahu’s government with being not supportive of Israel. That is clearly a case of false equivalence.

Ms. Saunders should be reminded that prior to Oct. 7, hundreds of thousands of Israelis marched in the streets in protest of the Netanyahu government. While members of Mr. Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing cabinet are supportive of the way he is conducting the war and his opposition to a two-state solution in the long run, there are those within the Israeli government who oppose his positions.

Sen. Schumer and other Democrats are critical of Mr. Netanyahu and his wartime policies. It does not indicate a decrease in their support of Israel.

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