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LETTER: Clark County schools are closed for a good reason

Robert C. LePome asked why schools have been closed (Tuesday letter to the editor). He theorized that children have some natural immunity to the novel coronavirus given their lower death rate.

As the virus is novel, people have no natural immunity. Kids still get the virus, and as Mr. LePome pointed out, kids are often sick. Viruses spread through schools quickly and are brought home by students. Ask their teachers and parents, many of whom come down with the same illnesses. And don’t forget there are adults in schools, too, many of whom could be significantly harmed by the virus.

Having thousands of COVID-19 cases in school-aged kids would spread the virus to those not as resilient as children. The kids would infect teachers, parents and other family members and the death rate would rise.

That’s why schools are closed. Keep the kids at home.

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