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LETTER: Clark County students need to be back in the classroom

In business, if you launch a program that was a disaster, you do not launch it again. This is exactly what the Clark County School District wants to do under the leadership of Superintendent Jesus Jara, who admitted that our “our kids didn’t learn” during the last two-and-a-half months of the 2019-20 school year.

If you want to know why Southern Nevada has yet to really diversify, all studies will show that our failure to provide a proper education to our students is a primary reason. There are too many issues to list that explain why we need to send our children back to school for in-person learning. Solve the problem.

Here are some suggestions: Start the school year later, install hand sanitizers, increase janitorial staff to disinfect during the day and require masks. Have year-round school, double sessions and a four-day school year with increased class time to equal a five-day week. Allow parents who want online schooling to do so and pressure the governor and Legislature to find the money.

This fight is worth protesting. Start writing, calling and marching.

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