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LETTER: Clark County teachers should stop the constant whining

With all due respect to Clark County teachers, please stop the whining and complaining. We all realize the job you do and the importance of your position in our society. However, rather than continually complain and constantly look for more money, you should focus on the career you chose and the fact that you work limited hours in a comfortable environment, have all holidays off, receive plenty of vacation time and have great insurance, union protection, job security and a good pension plan.

You need to look at the whole package not just your pay stub.

Computers and technology have greatly eased teacher workloads in terms of lesson plans, grading papers and tests, etc. I’m pretty sure most teachers would have a difficult time surviving in the “real” work world after being pampered.

It’s true that a lot of us could not deal with unruly kids and dissatisfied parents. That part of teaching is difficult. But it seems the good far outweighs the bad when looking at the big picture. Trust me: You don’t really have it that bad.

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