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LETTER: Climate change, scare tactics and the children

In response to your Saturday story about the student walkout over climate change: When I hear some Democrats going on about the world ending in just a few years, it makes me think about all the scare tactics that I have heard over the years.

In the past, there have been predictions such as famine and food rationing by the mid-1970s or mid-1980s, We heard that temperatures would hit record highs, that they would hit record lows and that there would be an Ice Age. We were warned that the ozone layer would be depleted and that we would need gas masks to breathe in American cities. Some people warned that Manhattan would be under water.

Now, the latest is that we have only 10 or 11 years left on the planet if “something” isn’t done.

None of this fearmongering has ever come true. The air and water are cleaner than ever, and energy is more efficient than ever. Yet these scare tactics are being promoted to children at younger and younger ages.

I feel so sorry for the younger generation. So many are scared of this wonderful world and think that if they use straws they will destroy this amazing planet that has been around for millions of years. They need to learn that much is not in their hands, that taxing or redistributing wealth will not solve anything.

There should be more accountability in the schools. They should stick to teaching the basics and critical thinking that will help students succeed in life.

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