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LETTER: Dishonest numbers about Gaza casualties

Israel is committing genocide in Gaza — or so the story goes. We’ve heard it over and over again from international media pundits, university student protestors, radical pro-Palestinian activists and even some far-left denizens in the hallowed halls of Congress. Is this brash accusation worthy of consideration? And if so, why?

What if there was a vital interest to be served to make the world believe that Israel was committing genocide? Is it possible that the Palestinian authorities themselves would fabricate the illusion of genocide to garner global support for their cause?

The answer may be found in a blatantly dishonest numbers game. The Palestine governing body, Hamas (a designated terrorist organization) has apparently been spoon-feeding bloated casualty statistics to its all-too-eager sympathizers. And the United Nations and legacy media are eating them up.

For seven months, and without due diligence, the United Nations has published exaggerated fatality numbers from — who else? — the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza. Ever met a terrorist who could be trusted?

The Review-Journal recently reported that the United Nations quietly (Shhh!) reduced Palestinian fatality figures by nearly one-half, attributing the error to the “fog of war.” Hillel Neuer, executive director of U.N. Watch, stated flatly, “All the U.N. does is parrot figures supplied by Hamas.” The goal being, of course, “to portray Israel as malevolent” baby killers.

Meanwhile, as the media spews out fake fatality statistics, our cities and universities erupt in violent antisemitic protests, and so on. Perhaps the “misinformation police” should have gotten a handle on this a little bit sooner.

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