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LETTER: Diversity among the states is a good thing

Writers on these pages frequently lament the liberal politics of our neighbor, California. Each day, it seems that state drifts further into nonsensical policies. This week, their governor signed legislation prohibiting the removal of unruly students from school through the eighth grade.

Many liberal policies seem to create problems, such as California’s lack of affordable housing.

It’s easy to criticize. But instead we should thank the Founding Fathers for leaving the states room to create diverse laws.

Liberals don’t much care for policy diversity or for ease in governing. They like to “harmonize” laws as much as possible and, of course, they hate the Electoral College and its empowerment of small states.

But the country greatly benefits from citizens being able to “vote with their feet.” We don’t have to suffer under California’s liberal policies unless we vote them in. New Yorkers can escape high taxes, nasty weather and liberal government with a move to Florida, and we can run our own schools.

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