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LETTER: Does anybody really know what time it is?

In the beginning, God created the concept of time, and it was good. To stay in sync with God’s time, mankind invented the clock, and it was good. But then mankind felt that God erred in his allocation of daytime hours, and so they invented daylight savings time. This caused division and discord among the masses, and it was not good. So will God have to take things in hand and tell mankind to go back to start over with the sundial so they will understand once again how time works? Only time will tell.

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LETTER: Deciphering progressive jargon

I noticed recently that euphemisms are commonly used by progressives in order to make the agenda they support seem less harsh or unpleasant.

LETTER: Biden ignores the Supreme Court on student loans

Biden is constantly harping on how Trump is a threat to democracy and will be a dictator, eliminating our freedoms. It is Biden, however, who has proven himself the dictator who is threatening democracy.

LETTER: More on 1968

As a cop who was at not only at the 1968 Democratic convention at the Conrad Hilton on Michigan Avenue, but also the Chicago arson fires on the west side, I feel there were many reasons why the city was a tinderbox.

LETTER: Clark County cracks down on street vendors

A lot of us walk or jog in the summer nights when it cools down. The juice vendor was a wonderful break before starting the return half of our exercise. Alas, never more.