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LETTER: Donald Trump deserves the same “deference and respect” the Republican’s afforded President Barack Obama

I read with interest Steve Sebelius’s recent commentary regarding the “deference and respect” that should now be afforded our incoming president by the Democratic Congress. I thought to myself: Why?

Mr. Sebelius’s position is that it would be wrong to treat Donald Trump the way the Republican Party and the Trump voters treated Barack Obama. I disagree. My counter argument is that Mr. Trump deserves the same “deference and respect” the Republican’s afforded President Obama, if for no other reason than to show them what they looked and sounded like these past eight years.

Perhaps by showing themselves in the abhorrent reflection they absolutely deserve, it might prevent the same thing from happening to a future president.

I would argue that same position with those people I personally know who voted for Trump. I remember their disgusting comments about President Obama — as well as his wife — over these past eight years. Why would I not be just as insulting and vocal about Mr. Trump? It’s not my fault the incoming president is a disgusting human being. I didn’t vote for him. So I don’t feel any obligation not to let them know that’s my opinion when they certainly didn’t hesitate in offering theirs.

Our outgoing president continually demonstrated a measure of class that deserved respect, whether you agreed or disagreed with his policy. Our incoming president has continually demonstrated a total lack of class that deserves no measure of respect at all. Now I’m supposed to forget all that and pretend to respect this guy? You gotta be kidding me.

Nope, not me. I don’t think so Mr. Sebelius.

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