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LETTER: Don’t disobey the cops when they pull you over on the road

For several decades, it seems the vast majority of police shootings involving drivers occur during a traffic stop when the driver refuses to obey police commands. These stops escalate to their violent result because the driver invariably disobeys police commands. These commands given have understandable reasons, and it is not for the driver to determine the cause for the action.

It would be prudent for any driver’s education course to include the action to take if the driver is pulled over by the police. The Legislature should add this training pursuant to completion of any driver’s education course. In addition, any driver who fails to obey police commands during a police stop risks the impounding and possible forfeiture of the vehicle.

These lessons should also be taught in the high schools and should include video of proper response procedures. All students need to learn to listen to police protocols in all situations and react accordingly. Don’t argue. Obey.

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