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LETTER: Editorial cartoon on Biden inauguration was not funny

I watched every word of President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech and did not see any stumbling speech or incoherence. For Review-Journal editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez to initiate the Biden presidency by mocking this president for past moments of stumbling or missteps just perpetuates the hateful rhetoric that has inflamed the insurrectionists, white supremacists and others.

This needs to stop. It is not funny, and it accomplishes no good.

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LETTER: A balanced approach on the energy transition

We will never be free of fossil fuels. A balanced approach is needed. Politically doctrinaire positions on both sides won’t help us resolve the current problems.

LETTER: Up, up and away

I contend that the gas produced by the City Council is worse than anything the common folk could ever think of.

LETTER: Jurors have an easy job in Hunter Biden case

The evidence is crystal clear, compelling and truthful — and there are self-incriminating comments made by Hunter himself. It is a slam dunk.

LETTER: On the Oakland A’s

What are we wasting our money on? There are myriad and better places here to use the money we will save.

LETTER: Desalination, yes

But, the only new pipelines needed would be from the desalination plants to the reservoirs or canals.