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LETTER: Election intregrity isn’t voter suppression

In response to Mary Hansen’s March 21 letter, “Voter trouble”: None of the election bills proposed by the Legislature would be necessary if legislative Democrats, using COVID as an excuse, had not changed election laws in 2020, making it nothing more than a circus by mailing out ballots to all registered voters, including deceased individuals. They also allowed ballot harvesting, which should be illegal.

Although I agree with Ms. Hansen about being required to reveal personal information on a mail-on ballot, ballots should be sent only to those who request them for a valid reason. Also, requiring a valid ID to vote is a must. Georgia recently adopted that measure, something which our delusional and incoherent president referred to as reminiscent of “Jim Crow.” Yet a vast majority of Georgians approved these measures, yet another example of how out of touch the president is with the American people.

Finally, just because voter fraud was not found, does not mean it does not exist. It took Nevada far too long to determine the outcome of the recent election. The longer it takes, the more it is susceptible to fraud.

The bills that the Legislature is considering have nothing to do with voter suppression and everything to do with voter integrity. Unfortunately, Ms. Hansen is unable to distinguish between the two.

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