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LETTER: Free rent during the coronavirus crisis

Because the governor and his crew feel that renters should allow people to stay and not pay rent, what else should they do? How about they cancel property taxes for this period? They can also require that businesses provide gas, water, electric, garbage, sewer, cable TV and the internet without charge. Why hit only renters with the future result of higher deposits, rents and fewer units available?

I have not owned a rental unit, but I see the problem. The ability to look for unforeseen problems seems to be lacking in the entire state government. Get with it.

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LETTER: COVID vaccine must be voluntary

President Donald J. Trump must announce that the COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary, just like President Vladimir Putin announced for Russia.

LETTER: Global warming and forest fires

The fires are not being blamed on the change in heat but more on droughts brought on by climate change.