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LETTER: Gay and trans people no threat to family values

The hate toward gays and trans people needs to stop. We have fake outrage about family values when divorce and adultery made the Top 10 (commandments). So many people out there are having sex before marriage and talking about their “baby mommas.” We have many children without fathers because women are forced to have babies while the man holds no responsibility. Half the nation is divorced.

Gay/trans people aren’t ruining family values. Straight people are. Normalizing your sexual sins doesn’t make them lesser sins. Maybe we do need to put up the commandments so straight people will stop their sins. Get rid of the log in your own eye.

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LETTER: Up, up and away

I contend that the gas produced by the City Council is worse than anything the common folk could ever think of.

LETTER: Jurors have an easy job in Hunter Biden case

The evidence is crystal clear, compelling and truthful — and there are self-incriminating comments made by Hunter himself. It is a slam dunk.

LETTER: On the Oakland A’s

What are we wasting our money on? There are myriad and better places here to use the money we will save.

LETTER: Desalination, yes

But, the only new pipelines needed would be from the desalination plants to the reservoirs or canals.