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LETTER: Here’s one bet on Brightline rail plan

In his May 5 letter to the editor, Kirk Rowe was pessimistic about the success of the Brightline high-speed rail project from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga. He compared it to the California high-speed rail project that was first authorized in 2008 and scheduled for completion in 2020 yet appears on track to be done by who knows when — if ever.

Mr. Rowe, however, misses one important point. Brightline will be run by a private company that previously built high-speed rail in Florida. The California project, meanwhile, is being run, re-imagined, played with, revised, started, stopped, over-regulated, mismanaged and run into the ground by the bureaucrats of the great state of California.

There’s no comparison; I would bet on Brightline. If they don’t succeed, it will only be because said great state of California got in the way.

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